Trading CFDs and FX Options entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital.


Trade commodities with Limit Markets.


When you deposit funds into your new Forex trading account, we'll match your deposit dollar for dollar, up to $500. This means that you can start trading with twice the amount of money you deposited, giving you more opportunities to profit from the markets.

To qualify for the bonus, simply open a new Forex trading account with our company and make a minimum deposit of $100. Once your deposit has been processed, we'll automatically credit your account with the bonus amount.


Limit Markets is the trading name of Limit Markets Limited, regulated as Investment dealer (full service dealer excluding underwriting) by Financial Services Commission of Mauritius with license number (GB20025939) and the registered address at: Premier Business Centre 10th Floor, Sterling Tower, 14 Poudriere Street, Port Louis, Mauritius.


The welcome bonus promotion can be applied to all new clients and IBs referrals.


a) All applicants must be 18 years old or over, subject to our general Terms of Business and Terms and Conditions.
b) All new clients who meet the requirements of our Terms and Conditions are eligible to apply for the bonus promotion.
c) If an eligible client has been disqualified from the offer for any reason, he/she cannot apply for the same promotion again.
d) Limit Markets assumes all the clients Read and Accept the Terms of this Promotion once they open the new account.
e) All applicants must comply with minimum deposit requirements.


a) In case the promotion is abused by an internal transfer to an additional account after getting the trading credit bonus, the trading credit bonus will be removed and the profit will be canceled.
b) The offer is limited to one per household and one per person. The trading credit bonus will be credited to one account only, even if clients have multiple accounts and deposits in their accounts.
c) This trading credit bonus cannot be transferred between trading accounts within Limit Markets.

Specific “Welcome Bonus Campaign” Terms

Eligible clients, who meet the criteria set forth herein are able to receive trading bonuses equal to:

a) %100 on the amount of their first or subsequent deposit(s) that is made in their real account with the cap of 500 USD or equivalent currency per client.
b) %20 on the amount of any subsequent deposit(s) made in their real account with a cap of 9500 USD or equivalent currency per client.
c) The total amount of trading bonus(es) can accumulate up to 10000 USD equivalent currency in this promotion.

Table of example of this “Welcome Bonus Campaign”:

General Terms and Conditions

  • a) The client can submit a bonus request no later than 5 business days after the initial deposit. Requests submitted outside of this time limit will not be processed.
    b) Clients may apply for this bonus offer by requesting via phone or sending an e-mail to support@limitmarkets.com
  • c) The equity in the client’s trading account must be above the credit amount. If equity becomes lesser/lower than the bonus amount, the bonus will be canceled automatically.
  • Example: Client A made deposit of $1500 during the promotion period, and received $700 as bonus. If client’s equity goes below $700 through trading, the bonus will be canceled/removed automatically.
    d) The trading bonus can be withdrawn from an account after the required lot volume has been traded.

The formula used to calculate this requirement is: Applied bonus amount/3= Lot requirement for withdrawal of bonus.

Example: Your deposit: $1000
Your bonus: $600 ($500 + 100)
Lot requirement for withdrawal of bonus: 600/3= 200 lot
In the event of withdrawal of any fund before completing the lot requirement the trading credit bonus will be removed fully.

Termination of the Campaign

a) If an eligible client withdraws the whole deposit amount from his/her account during the promotional period, the account will be disqualified from the offer.
b) Limit Markets is not responsible for informing the client when the trading credit bonus is removed from the account.
c) Limit Markets reserves the right to amend, cancel or restrict this offer to any applicant or customer.
d) If Limit Markets detects that the client has abused the terms of this promotion, Limit Markets reserves the right to withdraw the trading credit bonus or terminate the client access to the services provided by Limit Markets.
e) If Limit Markets detects that the client has abused the terms of this promotion by hedging his/her positions internally or externally, or by any other suspicious methods, Limit Markets reserves the right to withdraw the trading credit bonus or terminate the client access to the services provided by Limit Markets. The abuse includes hedging, scalping and any kind of breach the system.
f) Limit Markets reserves the right to modify or change any of the terms and conditions of this trading credit bonus promotion without client’s consent.
g) The client acknowledges that Forex and CFDs are leveraged products which involve a high level of risk.
When trading in such products, it is possible for Clients to lose all of their invested capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone and Clients should ensure that they understand the risks
involved. Clients should seek independent advice if necessary.
h) All eligible clients are permitted to use one unique IP address only


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