Trading CFDs and FX Options entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital.


Trade commodities with Limit Markets.

Commodity Trading

Trading commodities allows traders to speculate on the price movements of various commodities without owning the physical assets.

Some commonly traded commodities in forex are the precious metals, energies, industrial metals, and agricultural commodities. Precious metals include gold, silver and platinum. Precious metals are often seen as a store of value and can be influenced by factors such as global economic conditions, inflation, and geopolitical events.

Commodity trading typically involves analyzing fundamental factors, such as supply and demand dynamics, production reports, weather forecasts, and geopolitical news that can impact commodity prices worldwide.

Oil Trading

Trade oil with us. Accessible to all. Crude and Brent. 'Black Gold.' Volatile prices reflect global factors. Profit from geopolitics and supply disruptions.

Natural Gas Trading

Trade Natural Gas at Limit Markets. Vital for industries, impacting prices and dynamics. Like oil, influenced by supply, demand, seasons, and trade. Explore our portfolio.

Oil Trading

Access to oil trading was limited to large institutional players, but technological advancements and the trading platform are enabling us to make it accessible to our individual traders. Also known as ‘Black Gold’, speculators were able to assess the overall health of world economies through the price of Oil for a very long period of time. Now, you can easily trade the most significant oil types of the markets, Crude and Brent, with us. Known for their volatility, influenced by various factors like geopolitical tensions and supply disruptions, traders can get the best out of these instruments.

You can control 10 barrels of oil by trading 0.01 lot

Natural Gas Trading

Becoming a popular asset in the recent years, Natural Gas is waiting for you to open your position here at Limit Markets. This source of energy is the vital part of the industries and has a significant impact on energy prices and market dynamics. Similar to oil, natural gas prices are influenced by supply and demand dynamics, seasonal demand variations and import and export dynamics. Thanks to Limit Markets’ large portfolio, you can trade this source of energy among other commodities.

Benefit from the trading platform to jump into the NATGAS trading


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